Drive recovery program

This is a program for recovering lost partitions. If a partition table has been lost or corrupted it can the search the entire drive for sectors that fit the criteria for being the start of a partition. It can edit sectors on hard drives and floppy drives, and also copy sectors so you can back up MBR's on floppy or on unused hard drive sectors. There is also the option to interpret sectors as if they contained valid partition tables. I wrote it for fun to see if I could do it, so it will never be as useful as a commercial program.

It will run in MsDos or with a Windows 95, 98, ME boot disk.

Download the program here (10k)
Written in assembly language by Tim Warriner.

Main features:
View, Edit and Save sectors on your hard drive or floppy disk.
Search the entire drive for likely partition table sectors.
Search the entire drive for any sectors ending in 'aa55' word (the boot sector signature).
View sectors as if they contained partition tables.

Good features:
- Runs from DOS or Windows 95/98/ME boot disks.
- Appears to work OK in Windows 98.
- Can view, edit and search on up to nine different drives.
- Works with IDE LBA drives supporting int 13h extensions (i.e. most modern day large drives).
- Asks for confirmation before writing to any drive to prevent accidents.
- Can search for sectors unattended - It gives the results when it's finished.
- Can manage 64 bit sector numbers, although i've never been able to test this...
- Contains helpful information about finding lost partitions.
- The menu keys have been chosen to stop users from accidentally pressing the wrong one and doing something bad.
- Written in assembly language.

Not so good features:
- You can really mess up your computer if you use this program wrongly.
- You need to know a reasonable amount about boot sectors and partitions to use it.
- At the moment you can only edit 16 bytes at a time.
- It sometimes has trouble with the floppy drive. If this happens just keep trying and eventually it will work.

Screen Shots:

     Main Menu:

     Sector viewing and manipulation:

     Viewing sector as hex:

     Viewing sector as a partition table:

     Writing a sector:

     Editing a line of a sector:

     The sector searching menu:

     Example search results: