Affinity and Priority Program:

This program lets you set the CPU affinity and the priority of an application before it is run. It can be useful if an application is having problems with multiple CPUs or hyperthreading.

Drag and drop the application you want to run on to the window (or use the "..." button to select the file). Then set the affinity and the priority and press "Start".

It has been tested with Windows NT4, 2000, and XP. If it is run on Windows 98 it won't do anything bad, but it will be unable to set the affinity (SetProcessAffinityMask doesn't exist in Windows 98). It doesn't serve much purpose if you have neither hyperthreading nor multiple CPUs.

The program starts the process paused, sets the priority and affinity, and then resumes it. A few programs might not like being started in this manner.

Supposing you had 2 physical processors with hyperthreading then "CPU 0" and "CPU 2" would refer to both halves of one chip, whilst "CPU 1" and "CPU 3" would refer to both halves of the other chip.

Download it here (2.40 KB) Windows 2K, XP
Written in assembly language by Tim Warriner 14/01/2004